Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the SEO Kit

    2. How to plan your SEO strategy using the SEO Kit

    3. Quick explanation of some of the terminology we use in this course

    4. Download your monthly SEO checklist

    1. Your step one SEO checklist

    2. An introduction to SEO

    3. How SEO works

    4. Black hat vs white hat SEO

    5. Six quick SEO essentials

    6. How to get Google to crawl your site (and how long it will take)

    7. How to get Google to find and crawl your page

    8. How to use your Google Business Profile for local SEO

    9. Your monthly basics and essentials strategy

    1. Your step two SEO checklist

    2. An introduction to keywords

    3. How to plan your keyword strategy

    4. How to use Google Trends to find your keywords

    5. Creative ideas for researching keywords

    6. Where to use your keywords

    7. How to use your keywords in images for SEO

    8. Your monthly keyword strategy

    1. Your step three SEO checklist

    2. How to plan your blogs for SEO

    3. How to write for readability

    4. How to write your meta descriptions

    5. How to write a blog

    6. How to come up with blog ideas

    7. How to use topic clusters

    8. Your monthly SEO content strategy

    1. Your step four SEO checklist

    2. How backlinks work

    3. How to get backlinks

    4. How to use internal and outbound links

    5. How to use the right anchor text for your links

    6. Your monthly backlink strategy

    1. How to optimise your website for voice search

    2. How to find keyword ideas using Google's Keyword Planner

    3. How to use Google's Keyword Planner for free

    4. SEO cheat sheet

    5. SEO copy checklist

    6. 12 quick online copy tips

    7. Online SEO resources

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